Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Day 23 - Spy For The Day

Spy Games ExperienceIn this experience, one will learn the essential skills required to conduct a secret agent operation, and how to use specialist spy equipment; covert cameras and UHF radios, bugs and listening devices!

You'll fire automatic pistols and sniper rifles, de-activate bombs, throw axes, learn skid car techniques, and some martial arts for when you 're cornered by enemy agents!!

The experience starts at 9.30am with Arrival at the stadium where safety briefings and issuing of all equipment will take place.
In this fun packed experience, you will engage in activities such as:
Driving skills
Weapons Training
Drive-in pistol
Upon booking, the recipient will recieve a map with directions, but more importantly, the Spy Games gift pack, with a Spy Games 'Passport ' and Camera (genuine-disposable)!!

£215 from Buy A gift

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