Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Ferrari of the Watch World

Edox and Koenigsegg: two names held in worldwide esteem. Together, a fusion of elegance and dynamism. In the late 19th century, Edox founder Christian Ruefly was one of the most extraordinarily gifted watchmakers of his generation. Christian von Koenigsegg is probably the most talented designer of sports cars around today. Koenigsegg is the automobile marque of the super-rich.

Conjoining those two brands today are shared ideals of quality, prestige, performance.

Edox and Koenigsegg Automotive uphold a similar commitment to making exceptional products, exclusive and authentic high-end goods that are outstanding in terms of creativity, quality and performance. Be it a sports car or a timepiece, each is a combination of high technology and venerable tradition. It is in the hands of highly-skilled specialists that these marvellous mechanisms are groomed, tuned and adjusted, imbuing them with soul and character. Given these shared attributes, it is clear why Edox is moving up to become official watch partner of the Swedish automaker.

Koenigsegg Edox doesn’t come cheap at £13,500, however it won’t disappoint.

Check out the two arms that flip up, supercar-door-style, to reveal the hidden tachymeter.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Cabin Fever

Crossing the Atlantic in today’s first class ocean liners requires no more than a small overnight bag and your toothbrush. In the 30’s you would not have been seen dead unless you arrived with a 4ft tall gentleman’s trunk.

The 00’s version has 23 drawers, a pull out stool and a folding desk.

It’s hand crafted by
Poltrona Frau a firm known best for decking out Ferrari & Maserati interiors. It’ll set you back an amazing £8,140.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Fashion Insider

Before launching her handbag line, B Romanek at the beginning of 2005 gave 23 of her nearest and dearest a homemade clutch for Christmas. By February the bags - The Rock Star (in crocodile skin) and the Lizzy (lizard skin) had found their way into the hands of Kate Moss, Demi Moore and Zooey Deschanel.

Two months later Barneys New York snapped them up where they sold out within a week.

They’ve just been launched in London and are available exclusively from

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Health and Beauty Services at Home For Men and Women

Perfectly At Home provides massage, beauty, make-up, hairdressing and men's grooming treatments in the privacy and comfort of your home.

Forget fighting your way around London! Just open your door and they'll set up a spa in your home. A therapist will arrive on your doorstep complete with therapy couch, freshly laundered towels, a selection of top brand products and music, for the ultimate in convenience and ease.

They aim to bring all the best treatments to your home at times that suit you, eliminating the need to travel, park or even move after your treatment, thus saving you time and ensuring true relaxation.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Big Game

Set of polished “Zimbabwe” granite dumbells on solid oak stand by Big-Game.

Only 15 pieces will ever be made £2,700

Established in 2004 Brussels & Lausanne based design collective Big-Game has earned a reputation for the charm and deft economy of its items.

Available exclusively from

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Good Enough To Eat

Candy coloured strips of striped sandblasted glass, reminiscent of seaside rock, create almost edible looking table lights. This exquisite lampshade will light up a room with a splash of colour and plenty of originality. Table lights in the shape of micro chandeliers! Bulb included.

Customised colours available. The surface can be left shiny or can be sandblasted to create a silky luminescence. Lamp base will change slightly due to supplier.

Candy Table Light £259 by Aline Johnson Glass Design available from
Hidden Art Shop

Delivery 2 - 4 weeks

Short h 54cm
Tall h 72cm

From her studio at Cockpit Arts in London, Aline designs and produces exclusive kiln-formed glass tableware, vases and lighting. Her inspiration is fuelled by her affinity for the Jurassic coast of Dorset. The vibrant palette of beach paraphernalia translates with ease into bright designs in fused glass. Ammonites are used in moulds to create platters with a silky weathered finish. She also works to commission on architectural glass and lighting projects. Her most recent plumage collection is a new lighting concept, ranging from chandeliers to tablelights.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Limited Edition Fruit Bowl

This limited edition Rosa Metallica Fruit Bowl, with a touch of fused glass, is a rare sculptural cast stainless steel bowl. Cast at Hayle Foundry in Cornwall by a labour intensive process which is thousands of years old, this bowl is a unique object carrying on some very old traditions with a contemporary twist.

Rosa Metallica Fruit Bowl £1250 by available from
Hidden Art Shop

Dimensions H50 x W50 x D20cm

Delivery 1 week

Cast Stainless Steel

David Raine, the designer behind, started out as a poet and a sculptor before travelling the world as a photographer for Associated Press and working for several years in the film industry as a producer and a designer. A sense of poetry, of objects as metaphors, always lies at the root of his work. Using materials that combine different qualities of permanence and fragility, he is interested in objects that can function as furniture and have stories to tell. Both masculine and feminine qualities are strongly present in his designs. His inspiration comes from both the wild Cornish coastline with its natural organic forms and a love of urban city life.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Best Leave Mother At Home

Dust off your red smoking jacket, Europe’s first Playboy boutique has just opened on Oxford Street, London.

Dripping with chandeliers, the three storey emporium evokes Heff’s classic clubs of the sixties.

A spiral staircase connects the floors, while the mirrors in the fitting room allow your other half to view herself as if on the cover of the magazine.


Saturday, September 22, 2007

One Touch & Perfection Has Been Lost

Les 4 Camelias de Chanel is a quad of lip glosses intricately shaped into camelias, Coco Chanel’s favourite flower, in completely wearable shades of red, beige and rose. The traditional slick black packaging is a handbag’s delight, while the four lip camelias are almost too pretty to actually dip into. However it is limited edition, so get your skates on before it sells out completely.


Stockists: +44 20 7493 3836.


Friday, September 21, 2007

Perfect Espresso

The Presso is the perfect combination of style and simplicity.

Just fill it with ground coffee, pour in boiling water and then press the water through by pressing down on the two metal arms. The result is a perfect cup of coffee.

To clean, just empty the coffee compartment. Comes with a frother so you can make a delicious cappuccino.

£69.95 from

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Billionaire Gourmet

Moroccan eatery Kenza is offering the ultimate in private dining.

The High Rollers evening costs £570 per head and kicks off with a £700 magnum of Cristal, followed by the “Sultan’s Feast”.

The just when you thought it was safe to call your chauffeur, the belly dancers arrive....

Kenza, 10 Devonshire Square, London, EC
Call +44 207 929 5533

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

In Vogue

Luxury Kahlua Ruffle Shirt

As Seen in Vogue... featured in September's UK Vogue - the Kahlua is a deep purple shirt in 100% luxury silk.

Featuring elegant and glamorous ruffles down the front and a hidden placket. Finishing touches include a detachable cummerbund in the same beautiful silk which can completely dress the Kahlua up for the season's parties.

The Kahlua has front darts and a centre seam with elegant button cocktail cuffs. Stunning. 100% silk. Imported....

Colour: Purple

Product code: 45110007Q2X

£135.00 from Thomas Pink (also available in US $270.00)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The £19,500 Lightweight Suitcase

A luxury suitcase costing more than most family cars has been unveiled.

The Henk - named after its creator millionaire Dutch businessman Henk van de Meene - has 500 parts made from ultra-lightweight materials such as carbon fibre, parachute fabric and titanium.

As a result the 21" x 15" case seems as if to weigh just 1oz when it is pulled along.
It boasts a number of features which would make James Bond proud, including a central-locking system and a telescopic handle that doubles as a coat hanger.

Prices range from £16,500 to £19,500. A limited edition of 200 recently went on sale at Harrods last week and one has been snapped up already.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Autumnal Jewellery

Individual leaves from pure silk are quilted and assembled with the addition of tiny beads to make a soft, bold brooch. Use it as a piece of jewellery or personalise The Wedge (see related products) to create a very individual handbag.

Three Seasons Brooch £24.95 each by akerkhoff available at Hidden Art Shop

Delivery 3 weeks

Angela Kerkhoff was trained as a potter and artist in Germany and London. Inspired by her love of fabrics, she launched her range of limited edition textile accessories in 2006 and designs pieces which combine functionality with the uniqueness and individuality of artwork. Carefully handcrafted by her in her London workshop, each piece is created with an emphasis on detail and quality.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Indian Summer

This fabulous picnic set brings elegance to alfresco dining.

Rich and opulent Ruinart Blanc de Blanc Champagne, bursting with ripe yellow fruit, citrus and roasted almond and hazelnut is available in this carry along just in time for the holiday season.

The solid wooden box holds a bottle of Ruinart Blanc de Blanc, four glass Champagne flutes, and a handy snack compartment.

Priced at £200 available from Selfridges new Wonder Bar

+44 800 123 400

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Forget Your Wallet

As any Saville Row tailor will tell you, the point of wearing the finest threads is that the suit is never about style over substance. In order to avoid any sartorial faux pas, what men keep in their pockets should be as impressive as the lining of the jacket.

Forget having a bulky wallet, the item to be seen when paying any check or bill is the Pasha de Cartier steel money clip at £105.

The perfect gift for the man in your life


Friday, September 14, 2007

The Golden Age of Couture

In 1947 Christian Dior launched his 'New Look', and with it one of the most  glamorous and remarkable decades in fashion history. This 'golden age' celebrated the end of the war and the birth of a new era.

The Golden Age of Couture is a stunning exhibition featuring work by Parisian couturiers such as Christian Dior, Pierre Balmain, Cristobal Balenciaga, Pierre Balmain and Hubert de Givenchy, together with their London counterparts Norman Hartnell and Hardy Amies.

The exhibition looks at the secret world of couture, exploring the structure of fashion's grand houses, the skills and craftsmanship of the ateliers, and the lifestyle of the chic clientele. Illustrated with fabulous period gowns and photographs, it shows the process and inspiration behind some of the most glamorous styles of all time.

The Golden Age of Couture
Paris & London
1947 - 1957 
22 September - 6 January 2008

Advance Telephone & online booking +44 845 629 745 
£10.40 concessions available

in person or on the day £9.00 concessions available

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lose Weight And Gain Fitness In Record Time

By following the Body Doctor's Six week programme, either in the guise of the Book £14.99 (£9.74 from Amazon) or visiting the Body Doctor personally, you'll take up to 6 inches off your waist, double your fitness level and lose up to 1 stone in weight.

The programme works for everybody. It will work if your overweight, unfit or a former couch potato. It's worked for Hollywood film stars, Premier League footballers, supermodels, business men and mothers recovering from childbirth.

Every time you follow the programme you are working every single muscle group in the human body. 

What makes the Body Doctor programme special is each exercise is followed in succession, so stretching and cleaning your muscles.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sweet Way to Say Thank You

Why send flowers when you can send biscuits instead?

From Biscuiteers' website:

"We love biscuits more than most people. In fact, we're a tad obsessed, which is why we always send our friends tins full of our delicious iced biccies on their birthdays and anniversaries, for holidays or just to say thanks for a lovely weekend. It's not that we don't love flowers, chocs or all the rest, it's just that it makes a nice change. So we came up with Biscuiteers. The idea's really very simple: you just choose the biscuit collection you want to send, fill in the message details and then leave the rest to us."

Their biscuits are hand baked in their own kitchens, lovingly iced and crafted, before carefully packed into one of their speciality tins.

There are 8 biscuit collections from £36.00. The tins can then, are encouraged, to be used for pencils, paints, letters, tools, dog biscuits, fist aid kits, jewellery.......

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Chic Perfumer Ormonde Jayne

Chic Perfumer Ormonde Jayne's (based in The Royal Arcade, Old Bond Street London) products are beautifully and stylishly housed in handcrafted mandarin gift boxes with black satin ribbon and gold gift cards.

They are available online, with worldwide delivery, packaged snugly in gold tissue paper and sleek shiny boxes.

From parfum, candles, bath collections to gift boxes....... the perfect gift for those you cherish.

For Ormonde's online

Monday, September 10, 2007


As a new mum to be this service may need to be called on once or twice.

Night Nannies offer night time care for newborns and all night babysitting services across the UK.

The aim of Night Nannies is to allow new mums a chance to sleep and recharge their batteries.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Don't Leave Home Without.....

The Chargepod. It's a six way system that allows you to recharge multiple gadgets from one electrical outlet.

You buy the pad then start to collect the manufacturer specific adapters for all those essential devices.

From $49.95 Buy from Callpad 

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Maternity Finally Become Fashionable

Isabella Oliver has been gaining cult status over the years, with celebrities and everyday folk falling over themselves to wear.

The collection is only available online, however service is quick, free returns make it easier to buy the entire collection then choose from home.

Their wrap tops are a godsend, allowing your clothes to grow with your ever expanding bump.

Their new autumn collection now includes coats. Their funnel neck jacket is going to be an autumnal must have for every pregnant mum to be out there. 

Available in the UK and USA at Isabella Oliver

Friday, September 07, 2007

Be One of 112

Classic British Design

Sentryman is the latest collection of pens and accessories from Alfred Dunhill. Bold, uncomplicated and masculine, 
Sentryman´s simplicity of structure lends it a modern spirit, whilst its defining detail looks back to a classic British design for inspiration.

Offering a total range of writing experiences: fountain pen, ballpoint, rollerball and pencil,
Sentryman is available in a variety of finishes, including a stylish resin with either gold or white metal detailing, a contemporary carbon fibre and a Deco style engraved white metal.

Sentryman Swarovski Crystal Fabric

The pre-eminent pen in the Sentryman collection is the exuberant limited edition ‘after dark’ incarnation, which features a barrel wrapped in a unique black Swarovski crystal fabric, and an exquisite cap highlighted by 112 white diamonds. Limited Edition of 112.


Tel +44 845 458 0779

Available from Alfred Dunhill

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Vinyl But Not As We Know It

Piaget’s Limelight Party secret watch, inspired by vinyl discs is one of this season’s must have watches.

This secret watch hides its microgroove dial under a pivoting cover. The onyx, evocative of LP vinyl black, is enriched with circles set with diamonds.

The art of secret watches is exercised at
Piaget with rare precision. Technical ingeniousness is used to enhance the elegance of a gesture, while ensuring the disc’s perfect rotation.

The case is made of onyx and 18K white gold, set with diamonds. The dial is onyx with the centre set with a diamond. The strap is made of black satin with a gem-set pin buckle.
Piaget 56P quartz movement.

Available from Marcus at 170 New Bond Street, London, W1S 4RB


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Posh Meals On Wheels

Jennifer Irvine came up with the idea of a gourmet food delivery business while making her diet-conscious husband a healthy packed lunch to take to work. She believed other people would pay to have a day's worth of nutritious "ready-meals" delivered to their doorsteps and set up Pure Package.

Despite having virtually no experience as a chef when she started her company three years ago, she began cooking the meals herself in the kitchen of her former family home in Notting Hill - storing the food in a fridge in the spare room.

Today she has 1,000 customers and 20 staff - and has been named Entrepreneur of the Year 2007.
She was one of three winners at the Harper's Bazaar Businesswoman of the Year Awards.
Ms Irvine, 31, had previously worked as a troubleshooter advising restaurants on how to improve their menus and presentation.

She charges clients between £20 and £33 for daily deliveries of meals and snacks, based on menus drawn up by trained nutritionists. Sample dishes include muesli and fresh fruit for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch and pineapple with sesame seeds to snack on.

Ms Irvine, who now lives in Virginia Water and runs her business from an office in New Covent Garden Market, said: "Basically we are a diet delivered to your door. We are a posh meals on wheels.

"When I started I was at home trying to be the perfect housewife and I just thought this business could work. "I called the local environmental health officer to come down and check my kitchen and asked if I could run the company from there, and he said yes. The business took off and I put a fridge in our spare bedroom and then got a walk-in chiller in the garden."

Ms Irvine has supplied famous names including actress Patsy Kensit and X-Men star Hugh Jackman. "Jackman approached us for help before making X-Men," she said. "In that case he needed to bulk up, so we drew up a diet to help him and supplied him with three meals a day and all his snacks as well."

With business booming, Ms Irvine set up shop in the middle of one of London's busiest food markets. She said: "New Covent Garden seemed the perfect place to be. We source all our fruit and vegetables from here so they are really fresh and we are 100 per cent organic and GM-free. We also have next to no air miles on our food."

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Blow Your Bonus On

Revive’s Peau Magnifique’s resets your skin's 'aging clock' by at least five years.

This 4-ampoules-in-4-weeks treatment is teeming with Telomerase, which turns your skin's tired, time-for-a-nap adult stem cells into youthful, ready-to-rock ones.

Use twice a year and revel in the results for the rest of your life. Comes in an artful lucite keepsake cube.

£1,050 available from Space NK

Monday, September 03, 2007

Bespoke Jewellery

BI-ZU specializes in coral and turquoise jewellery. The pieces are bespoke and hand-made in Italy where the finest craftsmanship brings to life the combination of rich colours and textures. The range varies from organic and bold pieces, to delicate and refined jewellery. The designs are exclusive and can also be made to suit any special request.

5 Burlington Arcade


+4420 7495 6162

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Leanings To The East

One of my favourite bags for '07 Autumn has to be the Dior Dark Red Samourai 1947 Armour bag (also available in yellow). 

The bag is available in polished leather with leather knot detail.

Christian Dior embossed medallion

Tortoise shell finished frame

Inside: 1 zipped pocket

32 x 22 x 13cm

60th Anniversary Limited Edition 


2 - 6 weeks waiting list available to order Christian Dior

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Make Writing A Pleasure

With the Montblanc Meisterstuck solitaire piston fountain pen. It has an 18k gold nib with platinum inlay, barrel and cap made of 925 sterling silver, cap with stripes of anthracite guilloche with a woven fibreglass effect, inlaid with Montblanc white star, platinum-plated clip and rings.

£375 from Montblanc